Benefits of Centralised Event Management

If your company is multi-national and runs conferences, meetings and events in several departments or countries, consolidating your event planning functions could deliver the following benefits:

  • Consistency in the level of service delivered to clients around the world;
  • Delivery of a homogenous marketing and communications message;
  • Consolidation of your corporate brand message;
  • Adherence to a centrally set theme, budget, service level standard, synchronised calendar and communications protocol;
  • Improved organisational efficiency with a streamlined dedicated team looking after all events;
  • Increased identification of opportunities for collaboration between the regions;
  • Maximisation of resources and a reduction in costs by bringing rigor,  process and protocols to the event planning process.

If you are interested in consolidating your company’s events activities, Mountain Leap would be delighted to arrange for a member our executive team to discuss your global event management requirements with you. We will prepare a bespoke proposal outlining in detail how we would work with your company to deliver a programme of events that precisely fits the needs of your business.

It was a fantastically organised and executed incentive trip; the formula that you and your team operated for us was perfect.

Global Account Manager, Dimension Data